Aug 13, 2010

Experience makes Memory

its so wonder of "Memory".

any scenes remember me my dear memory.

sound, scent, touch, sight, taste,
wind, people, nature, place,
deeply snow, fireworks, sounds of Higurashi ,and more.

wake up memory when it is paraphrased that past experience overlaps with the current experience.

so, I can get more such a sense if I have many past experience and current experience.

not directry, but memory makes me some new idea. so, I still think that I do more a lot of experiences.

those surely makes me new idea in the future.

*2004, at Tokyo Fujimigaoka

Jun 6, 2010

COURRiER Japon on my iPad

its my first experience that read in properly the magazine on iPad apps.i think it has already changed the magazine market and our life style. couz, iPad ver is the better than the paper magazine.

we can read it on the my sofa, bedroom, cafe, train, anywhere. and it was not time-consuming to the start unlike PC.

there is no reason why the convenient one doesn't become popular.

so, it has already changed.

May 25, 2010


In may 10, I turned 28 years old. so, pls let me say that thank you guys for many many message and surprise.
In my 28 years, I want to do many experiences.

go anyplace in the world, drink more with my friends, meet great idea, meet new exiting people, and more.

so, I'll so enjoying in my 28 years and think a great deal of a positive attitude.


May 10, 2010


i finally decided. will be getting an iPad Wi-Fi 16GB. And i really want NIKKEI web viewer to support to iPad apps on non-Flash version.

weekday morning, i take train Hibiya-line and Oedo-line with NIKKEI and MJ news paper everyday. if NIKKEI has support to iPad, my commuting style will be changed.

why 16GB? yesterday, my friend showed me his iPad 16GB and told me "size is enough by 16GB if you'll use online storage, laptop, iPhone and iPad". why Wi-Fi? i have pocket Wi-Fi :)


one of friends, Yo-ko was so drank :)

Apr 21, 2010


this guy, AJ is full of surprises.


Party Time

tequila×tequila×tequila at THERE, Shibuya seco bar.

Mar 16, 2010

Day 3, Niseko Snowboarding



Day 2, Niseko Snowboarding